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I was always a craft enthusiast ever since I was little. I had participated in festivals selling journals with creative covers. I have always loved to create my own décor and reuse old wood and other vintage pieces. My husband and I purchased ou first home in 2017 and have been remodeled and updated our lovely cape cod to give it a modern country farmhouse feel. Along the way I created pieces for my own home. Family and friends would ask me to create special signs, decorations, and gifts for them. This is how my business got started in 2018. Fast forward to 2024 where we have 3 little kids and I still continue to create custom signs and seasonal decorations. Please contact me if you are looking for a custom design.  Follow our remodeling projects, custom creations, and new inventory @honeybeefarmdesign on Instagram!

Do you do custom orders?
Yes, Please contact us. We love creating custom orders to fulfill the needs of our customers, making their home or special occasions special to them. 

(Please allow additional time for a design to be created)

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